dinsdag 22 oktober 2013

FTU Cluster Frame

I made this cluster frame withe the kit from Amy Marie Amy MarieStore
You can SAVE it on your LapTop or Pc 

zondag 18 augustus 2013

New Tags i made !

 Cancun Booze Cruise 

Chrismas in July

Classic Beauty

Clover Girl

Aqua sea breeze

La Vie en Rose

Fun at the beach


Rock Candy



Sonni,s Pride

What a girls wants

maandag 20 mei 2013

Dee's Template Challenge

Dee from Dees' Sign Depot posted a new template and a challenge. She said anyone that made a tag in the next 24 hours got a mini kit she made. Check out the challenge here. You had to use 3 different papers and 10 different elements. You had to post to your blog or Facebook and make the tag for a friend.I made one for Susan  . I also made one for Dee =). Be sure to check out her blog!

dinsdag 7 mei 2013

Girls just wanna have fun PTU mary kit

girls just wanna have fun :

Kit mistylynn,s mary -http://mistylynnstuts.blogspot.com/
tube of choice i used Ismeal Rac

open a canvas from 600x600
copie a papier of choice (12)
choice a mask of choice 
copie your close up tube  pas it on the frame if its like you like hit DELEt agian
copie element 21 resize it with50% and thene 75% place it on the left side of the frame 
copie element 62 resize it 2x 50% place it on the right side select the middel select deselect 
place a tube  befor it and if its on the right place hit DELET nd change the mode to lummint
copie element 12 resize it with 50% and 75% place it before element 39 mirror it ( if you like)
copie element 13 resize this 2x 50% and 1x 75% placed this on the top of the frame left
copie element 14 resize this 2x 50% and 1x 75% placed this on the right on the bottum
copie element 16 resize it 50% mirror if you like and plae it on the side of the frame right
copie element 17 resize this 2x 50% and 1x 75% placed it on the bottum right
copie element 08 resize it 75% 50% and place this next element 35 
place the tube on a good place 
place the copyrights on it 
© http://mistylynnstuts.blogspot.com/ And of the artist you use!!!

zondag 14 april 2013

NEW Forum SET Spring !

Scrapkit O spring from Amy marie
tube Zlata_M

open a canvas 650x250
open a papier of choice ( i choice nr16)
open element 29 rezise it withe 2x 60%
put it on a nice place
open the close up tube copie it on your tag place it left rezise if you like
change the lager to lumianten old
duplicate the tube lager and hange it to overlay
copie element 30 and place it in the center bottum
copie element 44 rezise it 50% and place it right
copie element 12 rezise it and place it behind element 44
copie element 60 rezise it 2x 50% 1x 75% and place it on te stars
copie element 64 rezise it just like the bird and place it next to the bird
copie element 56 rezise it and place it on the bottom
copie element 57 rezise it en place it befor element 56
copie your tube rezie it en place it on the stars
place your Copyright on it and save it

zaterdag 9 februari 2013

New sets and tags

the new tags are put on the blog also there are some new things like
the templateds i made for misfits and the exclusive forumsets for Fabtags and Creative addictions

little sneek peek :


 Creative Addictions